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What exactly is mystery shopping?

A mystery shopper is an individual that is sent out at the request of one of our clients to anonymously evaluate their products and services according to standards agreed upon by management. Our clients range from restaurants, resorts, and hotels to banks, car dealerships, and even retail outlets. Our mystery shoppers are rewarded for performing this service by receiving reimbursements for the dinner check, the hotel stay, tips, fees or any other expenses they incur related to the businesses they are shopping. In some cases, the shopper is also paid a fee for performing this task. But our people are not just mystery shoppers…they are Confidential Consumers!

So you want to become a Confidential Consumer?

There are a few simple things you must do before proceeding. First and foremost, understand that becoming one of our mystery shoppers does not make you an employee of Confidential Consumers, but rather you are an independent contractor hired on a job to job basis. The frequency by which you are assigned to work will be based on your availability, the quality of your past assignments, and the number of clients we have in your area. Confidential Consumers are given assignments via e-mail to those who are in good standing that we feel are most appropriate for each particular shop. We are an MSPA Certified Agency who has been in business for over a decade. Before you begin, we recommend you visit the FTC.GOV website to learn about what to look for when searching for a mystery shopping agency. Ready to get started?

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I have worked with Confidential Consumer on over 25 projects. They are great communicators, problem solvers, and deliver on what they promise in a timely and professional manner. Let them show your organization how a Confidential Consumer program will improve customer service levels, minimize loss and give you a true snapshot of what is really going on when you’re not looking!
Mike Shelley

Mystery Shopper, Independant Contractor

I have worked with Confidential Consumer for close to two years on a freelance basis. I have completed over a dozen assignments. In each instance we each delivered exactly what was promised and we continue to work together today. I work with a limited number of companies and Confidential Consumer is the one I endorse!
Mitch Arlow

Mystery Shopper, Independant Contractor