Our proprietary dashboard with real-time analytics provides the insights to power your business forward.


Operational insights

From tactical guidance for training initiatives, to the impact of your staffing model, we work with you to provide the insights that best impact and improve your business service delivery and customer experience. These insights drive revenue growth and customer retention.


Qualitative insights

Measuring the perceptions and attitudes of a business/brand through the eye of the consumer is much deeper than a post on Yelp, OpenTable, or Google. Too often, feedback that is posted is one sided. Our qualitative insights give you a full view of how ALL customers are feeling about your business.


Strategic insights

The complexity of executing on customer initiatives, tracking your return on investment, monitoring your output and planning continuous service improvement requires data, people, technology and time. With Confidential Consumer, your organization’s level of participation is critical to ensure we can help you understand and make sense of this rapidly changing landscape.

Data ingestion

We fashion the best data collection model to measure and improve your customer and employee experience, customer retention and profitability.

Insight & analysis

Insights and Analysis are aggregated in real time into your Dashboard for instant review of your organizations data

Customized reporting

We also develop client-specific reporting to deliver tailored insights and recommendations:

Support experience

Our experience engineers will work with your team to explore the data and insights to identify opportunities, risks and recommendations.

We will fashion a support experience that works with how your business wants to connect, email, phone, text, or chat.