Data Delivery

Immediate push delivery of your survey results ensures that our findings are actionable at the earliest possible moment.  These individual surveys are also compiled and aggregated in our web-based reporting platform giving you 24/7 access whenever and wherever you need it!  Customized dashboards give you an at-a-glance view of your results measured through Key Performance Indicators, and highlights both your top performers and those that may need attention.

Analytical Reporting Tools

Whether you use one of our 25 preset analytical reporting tools or a custom-tailored reporting tool made just for your organization, you will be able to discover the answers to any question you wish to ask of your data.  From summaries of survey answers to individual questions to graphical maps, graphs, and charts depicting trends and performance, our reporting suite is second to none.  As your partner in service, we will create custom analytical tools to identify performance and drive excellence within your organization.

Customized Dashboards

When you don’t have the time to dig through your daily reports and you want the critical data you need, and fast, turn to our custom dashboards to present the data you need most often in a visually accessible format.  Whether it’s trending, ranking, or sectional comparison, our custom dashboards will give you the information you need, when you need it.

Push Reporting

The moment each survey has been reviewed, the appropriate individuals will receive email notification enabling you and your team to immediately take advantage of actionable insight.  In addition, customized analytical reports can also have customized delivery settings allowing us to set up push reporting on a monthly, quarterly, or on any frequency you choose!

Individual Surveys

Our detailed individual surveys are custom-tailored to match each client’s corporate standards.  These surveys combine the answers to detailed fact-finding questions with story-like narratives. The result is a comprehensive evaluation that measures performance against the Key Performance Indicators that drive consumer loyalty and ultimately advocacy.  Customized email triggers deliver these reports directly to the individuals in need of this timely, actionable business intelligence.