Business Intelligence

At Confidential Consumer, we employ a wide variety of methodologies to gather satisfaction and compliance data for our clients from customers, employees, managers, and vendors. Our database of over 500,000 Secret Shoppers, Auditors and Field Staff enables us to collect this data globally through Secret Shopping, Site Audits, Crowd Shopping, Consumer Intercept, Listening Tours and Virtual Insights. 

Mystery/Secret Shopping

Mystery Shopping is an effective and unique market research tool using professional evaluators (Mystery Shoppers) to perform customer shopping scenarios and report on every aspect of their experience. Our Mystery Shoppers follow a detailed, scripted, typical scenario and record their observations and experience. Mystery Shopper feedback provides valuable insights which take the mystery out of service, customer satisfaction, quality improvement, and industry excellence.

Site Audits

Audits are an effective observation tool for evaluating everything from product displays and use of marketing materials, to brand exclusivity, franchise compliance, and even adherence to detailed company standards such as cleanliness and signage.  During periodic visits, auditors openly evaluate the physical and visual aspects of the site according to your customized checklist.  Our geographically diverse pool of field auditors are qualified to conduct even the most complex auditing scenario.  Real-time reporting (which may include digital photographs and embedded video) means easy access to audit results and maximum ability to respond promptly with recognition and/or adjustment.

Crowd Shopping

On demand mystery shopping is a fast, mobile crowdsourced data collection program designed for fast setup, posting, survey completion & review. Think UBER™ for Mystery Shoppers. These programs are 100% mobile and allow anyone using the web-based mobile map to select & complete posted surveys quickly. These surveys are then brought into our reporting system giving you access to real-time analysis and review.

Consumer Intercept

Your consumer’s experiential impressions are most vivid while they are still present within your venue.  Through the use of our extensive field staff database and robust exhibit fabrication capabilities we craft and activate consumer intercept opportunities right where they experience your product. This data collection can be custom tailored to target specific demographics and/or consumer behaviors.  Our field staff can incentivize participation through the use of a return coupon, gift, or other free item.  Results are entered directly into our database and are immediately available for review and comparison to results from our other methods.

Virtual Insights

Measuring your response rates through your social media platforms to optimize customer service opportunities.  Polling through IVR phone surveys and ICR web surveys to deliver a large volume of feedback from actual customers with real-world experiences.  Exponentially increase the value of on-site mystery shopping data by pairing it with direct customer satisfaction polling for unparalleled insight into your company’s performance.