Analysis & Review

While other firms may give you access to surveys and reporting, Confidential Consumer works with you to become your trusted advisor through understanding, improving, and ultimately unifying your customer experience.  We take the time to analyze your data to reveal insights that are actionable at every level from upper management on down to the front line of your operation.  From site scorecards, webinars, and recognition programs to our customized training videos and 24/7 helpdesk support, Confidential Consumer will become your partner in success!

Business Intelligence EKG


We are not just a mystery shopping program provider, we are your partner in achieving excellence.  Through scheduled webinars and even on-site coaching sessions, our team will work with all layers of management to explore the data collected through mystery shopping, customer satisfaction polling, and any other data source to identify key performance metrics and make suggestions for improvement.

Live Support

Have a question about a recent mystery shopping report?  Is there a question you need to ask the data, but you’re not sure what reporting tool to use?  Do you wish you could ask the mystery shopper a clarifying question about their experience?  Our dedicated Live Support team is ready whether you wish to email, call, text, or chat.  Delivering the information you need at the moment you need it is our priority!

KPI/Best Practices

In order for a mystery shopping program to be effective, an organization will need to identify just what the consumer experience should be.  Incorporating these Key Performance Indicators into your program is essential to ultimately improving customer service and consumer loyalty.  In addition, identifying the Top Performers in your organization and the Best Practices they perform to reach that level is the key to improving your overall organizational performance.  Our team will be your partner every step of the way from KPI identification to Best Practice implementation.