Experience is happening
all around us.    

How you capture and measure it is everything.

What we do

Measure & improve service quality

Using stakeholder surveys, observational audits, location analytics and more, we “right size” our data collection model with client needs in mind. We use the data we collect to suggest improvements designed to streamline operations, promote compliance and ensure quality.

Assess & enhance experience

Using AI, “mystery shopping,” social listening and more, we examine experiences from every angle imaginable. We use the data we collect to recommend changes designed to increase satisfaction, ensure retention and maximize profitability.

Our services


Artificial intelligence

Beyond mystery shopping, our spatial artificial intelligence platform and behavior engine evaluates the way that people and objects move in a physical space. By connecting to existing security cameras, we help to identify highly actionable business insights.

We provide your business with real-time insights to understand all customer and employee interactions.



Mystery shopping

Confidential Consumer uses Mystery Shopping, Secret Shopping, and Artificial Intelligence to capture and deliver actionable insights to improve your business. Whether mobile or online, in-store or on premise, we deliver frictionless experiences for shoppers, patrons, patients, employees and other critical audiences. We have New England roots with a global reach.

Mystery Shopper feedback provides valuable insights which take the mystery out of service, customer satisfaction, quality improvement.



Site audits

From COVID-19 protocol compliance to marketing compliance, from brand exclusivity to franchise compliance, site audits provide accountability beyond mystery shopping. During periodic visits, auditors openly evaluate the physical and visual aspects of the site according to your customized checklist.

During periodic visits, auditors openly evaluate the physical and visual aspects of the site according to your customized checklist. 



Consumer intercept

Your customer’s experience impressions are most vivid while they are still present within your location and still thinking about their experience. Our mystery shopping evaluators can pivot to intercept customers right at the point of purchase to get the best data insights.

Our field staff can incentivize participation by a return coupon, gift, or other free item.  Results are entered directly into our system.



Crowd shopping

On demand mystery shopping is a fast, mobile, crowdsourced data collection program designed for fast setup, posting, and survey completion.

These programs are 100% mobile and allow anyone using the web-based mobile app to select & complete posted surveys quickly.



Customer retention

Now more than ever, your existing customers are the most important way to ensure your business continues post Covid-19. There are many options available beyond mystery shopping to ensure confidence is inspired in your people, product or service.

You’ve already established trust and inspired confidence in your product or service, which makes it easier to identify their needs.


About us

For almost two decades, we’ve made a sustained effort to elevate the “Confidential Consumer Experience” for our clients, partners and people.

We do national caliber work from our award-winning, company-owned campus, designed with sustainability and service delivery in mind.